Tuesday, January 17, 2017

[EMS] Level 218!

Phew, that was rather soon actually. It's the 17th of January and this is already my second Level Up on Rayque this year (well, the time between 216 and 217 was 12th of December and the 1st of January). While I don't really train on Rayque in the past few years like I've done often before Level 180-ish (i.e. a four hour session with a party somewhere), most of my current levels are gained through daily bosses.

However, the experience gained from daily bosses is much higher with the Global template than prior to the migration. Yes, it kind of sucks that a lot of World Tour content is different in Global and that Veracent has been closed and all of that (especially for characters such as for Skill Links, prior to the migration, it was rather easy without any EXP modifications), but there is just no comparison between the EXP gained from bosses such as Hilla, Krexel, Chaos Mori Ranmaru and Horntail. Most of these bosses actually give between two to ten (!) times the original EXP that they are in other versions.

Anyway, there are some other factors to include as well. The fact that I can run four Lith Harbor Commerci Voyages, doing Road of Vanishing daily quests and three times Hard mode of the Hungry Muto Party Quest gives me a few percentage a day in addition to all of those daily bosses.

While I know that the experience curve is going to be steep (especially after Level 220), 5th Job has helped me a lot with gaining that extra advantage over bosses to tackle them much quicker, but also opening certain other possible sources such as Pink Bean or Chaos Mori Ranmaru, which used to be too time consuming on a daily basis to even try. Heck, I wouldn't even risk doing Pink Bean if we didn't have stuff like those daily Safety Charms (which we also did not have prior to the migration). While I still find it rather hard to believe, chances are I'll reach Level 220 before this Summer.

At least for now, a friend of mine who expected me to become Level 218 before the Beyond update, has been proven right. Because y'know, the update isn't even finished in Korea yet and I've already did two level ups in just barely a month! Ah well...

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

[EMS] Amaterasu's Cape - Finished scrolling

Hi guys! The scrolling on my Amaterasu's Cape has been finished as of recent! Man, the luck on upgrading this cape has been rather in my favor. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to land that many +Weapon Attack through Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness...

I can know, at least, I assume I do know it because I have landed well over sixty of these in a lifetime... Anyway, I am very statisfied with the stats on it! 62 STR, 50 DEX and 23 Weapon Attack is a lot for "just a non-Superior Cape".

Yes, in case you are curious, that is 3% All Stats of Additional Options (AO) on my cape. I did get my Amaterasu's Cape before the source of Additional Options retired - and this may be one of the very few Amaterasu's Capes in EMS to have AO's at all. Well, let's be fair, that is not too difficult to achieve, right?

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

[EMS] Level 217! Dreadnought Level 10! Spirit of Freedom Level 8 GET!

Sup guys! Starting 2017's first day immediately with three milestones! No, this is just pure coincidence to be honest.

Maple had an event just after "New Year" where players could get five 3x EXP Coupons for 2m mesos each between (for the UK) 12 AM and 1 AM. So I thought that was a good investment to combine with my daily bosses, and indeed did result in me just rushing that last ten percent to get to 217.

Note: because the EMS servers are currently running in UK time instead of the previous Central European Time, stuff like the daily reset happens at 1 AM now instead of at 12 AM here.

At the same time, I managed to do the final Lith Harbor runs to suffice to level my Dreadnought to Level 10! This doesn't mean that I'm done with Commerci however (because the loot there is just way too good), but it does mean I shouldn't have to worry about gaining Vessel EXP. This isn't the "first" day in EMS where one could get Level 10 with a Dreadnought because I didn't start with Commerci on "Day 1", but, it's rather close I'd say. I did had some unlucky disconnects for a week last year because of technical difficulties, but at least I still managed to get to Level 10 in the end anyway.

Last but not least for today, I did also get some 3x EXP Coupons for my Blaster! I couldn't let this opportunity leave behind, because I decided earlier to save my Burning Event for a Captain, instead of remaking my Blaster.

That resulted in me speeding through Level 30 to Level 120 in just two-and-a-half hours. I did get some help from a friend though - I wouldn't be able to do it that quickly without his support.

That's it for today! I'll see you guys again next post!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

[2016] What happened this year to Rayque?

It's the 31st of December - it's time for another summary!
As the tradition here as always, this marks the 6th summary on this blog.

In tradition, I (and the rest of the Rayque3 Staff) wish you a great 2017. Unfortunately 2016 has been a year quite similar to 2015, and I hope that 2017 can make a change in that sequence.

Friday, December 30, 2016

[EMS] 5th Job!

Oh boy, 5th Job is here. Well, to be exact, it's been out since the 14th of December. "But Ray, why has it taken you two weeks before you'd actually published something?" - It's because unlike most people, I prefer to go through something new first, collect my mind and give it some time to find the right place. And especially with something like 5th Job, which has been one of the most significant updates for this game in years, I rather give it the patience and time it deserves.

I can't get myself to the right judgment for something on the first day. Fortunately not many people can, so I can't blame myself for giving it two weeks. However, that did buy me enough time to figure out a thing or two about my final thoughts for 5th Job's first wave. And it also allowed me to work on some sweet GIFs for this blogpost because they take days worth of my spare time to create, and with the holidays around December, it's difficult to find the right moments to work on them. And yes, you read it correctly: it's only the first wave. Apparently it is one of many to come. That means, I will most likely share my thoughts about those too when they arrive.

Because it has taken me two weeks to get this blogpost to air, you should be damn sure to expect one lengthy blogpost. Because I will most likely cover a lot. So to prevent my blog from taking forever to load because of all the GIFs and become even more laggy than the Reboot server from Global MapleStory, there will be a jump break. This won't be a 5th Job guide, it'll be an extensive collection of my thoughts about it. I will only cover the cores I think are worth to mention. So stuff like Erda Nova and Blink are pretty straightforward and there's no need to cover those today.