Tuesday, October 17, 2017

[EMS] We're getting close!

Just hit Level 39 on Monster Life! I'll need 100k experience to hit Level 40, which should be doable before the end of this year. There isn't any story missions or any additional monster slot coupons with this particular level up, so it really feels like "you're on your own with that last one". Which isn't a bad thing. However, story missions would easily give 25% of your experience bar for some silly requirements...

It's a shame that there hasn't been much going with Maple lately (including EMS and other local versions such as KMS), but at least that buys me plenty of time for these small things that still matter to me. At least we're getting another Murgoth event in a few days (and the Jungle Inferno update in Team Fortress 2 to keep myself busy), so I'll have another shot at more Mu Gong souls for my Soul Collection! I still need the INT, HP and All Stats to finish the collection, but I don't expect such a short event would be such a gamechanger. Any soul I can tick off my list would be very appreciated.

Easier said than done though, as Mu Gong is the only soul that cannot be obtained except for Murgoth events and the soon-to-be-released Soul Extractor. Effie Boxes that used to give permanent and tradeable Mu Gong souls are gone, Soul Extractor is one hell of an RNG and despite the many Mu Lung Dojo revamps it feels they've forgotten this soul as you cannot find shards from Mu Gong himself anymore - if you can even get to his floor nowadays, that is. If I remember correctly, they removed that drop when your level was forced to be assigned with a difficulty (so you couldn't choose for Normal or Hard Dojo after Level 181). Even Spirit of Rock was fixed recently in KMS so, I hope Nexon would add those soul shards to the Dojo store where you can exchange those Dojo points for them.

That's it for this small blogpost - I'll see you guys again next post!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

[EMS] 10 years of Rayque!

Hi guys! Today's the 30th of September, year 2017. This means that I have been playing 10 consecutive years on my Hero! Of course; without quits, without playing any other main.

As it's my 10th anniversary, let's take a look back at several facts about my MapleStory progress that might be of interest! Although, if you've been following my blog or in-game, most of these shouldn't be new to you.
  • On the 30th of September in 2007, EMS was only at version 0.30!
  • I've played on my Hero for more than 14.000 hours in the past 10 years! By "past 10 years" I literally refer to the fact that I've been playing on this Hero on a daily basis for that long. Sometimes we can't always be online at every day - but for every day that I can and want to, I would play it. A significant amount of these hours have accumulated between 2007 and 2012. I had a drop in hours a day between 2013 and 2014. In 2015, my playtime has been back to its usual shape - if you look at my Steam profile (since I play EMS pretty much exclusively through Steam since November 2016), it's clear to see how much I enjoy to play this game!
  • I use more than sixty other characters to support this main, even though my inventory on my main has been maxed out for quite a while and I also run over 100 additional slots on Rayque by the use of various bags! I have a (bad) habit of picking up pretty much anything I think that might be of use later on... which in most cases, actually helps me a lot and the people around me in the end. Did you know that because my bank is at 125/128 slots, I cannot upgrade it anymore because the game can only expand with either 4 or 8 slots? Yeah, the inventory event that automatically expanded my bank slots to an uneven amount (or at least any integer not dividable by four) screwed me over. This probably will get fixed along the way - it only hurts my OCD/inner completionist for now.
  • I've been part of the FallenAngel guild since November 2008, even though we also went under the name "PatchedWings" between 2010 and until the migration of EMS in 2016, as explained here. I've already met a substantial amount of my guild members in real life, as they've been around me for almost nine years already. My contribution for the guild is already way over 1.500.000 Guild Points! (as with the migration, every guild had to start again from zero)
  • I've completed over 5000 quests exclusively on my Hero - although about 1500 of them have been removed throughout the years by Nexon (i.e. original Maple Island, a lot of retired event content, the original Victoria Island quests, Neo Tokyo, Veracent) in order to make space for new content. There is still a significant amount of quests that I can complete (approx 30). Most of these are narrowed down to "kill this boss", fairly minor post-completion daily quests, most of the Fishing Lagoon and some quests that have been reset that I've completed several years ago. But I've done pretty much all the main quests (at least once), except for the ones that require me to kill a boss I usually do not face (i.e. Normal Cygnus, not kidding). I've also maxed out my Dreadnought in CommerciEvolving World and Soul Driver skill.
  • I've defeated several thousands of Horntail and Zakum, a few hundred Pink Bean, seven hundred Shaolin Monk, and more than 1300 Commerci Lith Harbor Voyages. I'm not sure on how much I've defeated other bosses such as Hilla and Mori Ranmaru, but I know that in example I've been doing daily Hilla as long as I have been doing daily Horntail and Zakum, while Mori Ranmaru and Pink Bean were added much later to my dailies list.
  • I've completed over 800 Hob King PQ's, over 250 Dragon Rider PQ's, over 150 Kenta PQ's, over 100 Escape PQ's - these numbers are only just for my main as I've also done plenty of Kenta PQ's and such on my mules for EXP. I've leaded plenty Crimsonwood Keep PQ's, Cave of Life PQ's and Neo Tokyo raids. For all the other mainstream Party Quests, I've also had a fair share of leading - it doesn't take me long to pick up something I haven't done in years again as I have a solid memory. Also: because Dimension Invasion has been OP for years (and well, on a hiatus right now until they remove the level scaling limit in PQs), I've also done over 500 of these.
  • In 2007, I almost got to Level 30 in just three months. In 2008, I almost got to Level 50. In 2009, I've reached past Level 100. In 2010, I've reached my 4th Job and before the Big Bang update in 2011, I've reached Level 154. It took until the end of 2013 for me to reach Level 200, as after Big Bang I decided to slow down my progress speed on purpose. In 2016, I've reached 5th Job when the update arrived. My 5th Job Advancement was the only job advancement where I was already past the required level when it was released.
  • I collect a lot of swords (both one handed and two handed) in MapleStory. I don't want all of them, but I have more than most people can imagine. Fun fact: I do own a Liberated Kaiserium, which has twice the attack of my Ribgol Sword. I was once asked for an interview if I would replace my Ribgol if I got a sword that is twice as powerful. But as we all know, I've been using my Ribgol since the 4th of January, 2012 - nothing will replace it.
There's plenty of other interesting facts about my progress on MapleStory that doesn't have to be mentioned here in my opinion. I mean, you can look at my other EMS blogposts in my blog's archive for that.

Do I ever get bored of MapleStory? That's pretty hard for me to achieve. When do I expect to reach Level 250? When I reach Level 250, it's that simple. Will I ever quit this game? Probably the day when the game shuts down for good. MapleStory is an essential part of my life, I can't imagine a day without and I can't imagine how much it would hurt to see the game go. Logging in and playing the game is a daily habit of mine - a daily habit like how we (or at least, I assume most of us) all eat and sleep.

Anyway, that's it for this blogpost. I'll munch down my bucket of chocolate ice cream to celebrate my secondary birthday - cheers, to eleven years and beyond!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

[EMS] Level 224! / Seventh Legendary Potential GET! / Chaos Pink Bean Mark - Finished scrolling

Sup guys! Yesterday has been a pretty fantastic day for EMS milestones! First of all, I've hit Level 224 - just one more level for my Arcana Symbol! Fortunately, I should hit Level 225 way before they introduce the daily quests for Arcana. Unless the Nova update comes earlier than I anticipate. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing because that would mean I would get my skill adjustments included with said update quicker!

My Chaos Pink Bean Mark has been finished with scrolling and enhancing! Good lord, the stats on it are very satisfying - it is arguably one of the better items I own. Just look at the upgraded stats! 52 STR, 52 DEX, a whopping 22 Attack and some 5% All Stats Additional Options. The Additional Options for this Eye Accessory included some Jump (which was further enhanced by the Miracle Positive Chaos Scrolls), but also 5 Attack. This does mean that we're past the "safe zone" of "2 attack per slot". And yes, the Chaos Pink Bean Mark came from the original Pink Bean event, and the Additional Options came from an Eternal Rebirth Flame. The Chaos Pink Bean Mark being part of the "boss tier" items allowed it to get that much stats. Unfortunately there aren't many items in that tier to get pretty solid Additional Options, as pretty much anything that KMS doesn't have and everything that doesn't drop from a major KMS boss won't get high Additional Options. This literally makes Nebulites far superior in terms of what you can get from A-Rank Nebulites for a lot of popular items here in EMS nowadays that came out -after- they retired the Additional Options. And well, S-Rank Nebulites would end this argument as well. Don't forget that Additional Options are only good for raw stats, while Nebulite has a lot of useful Potential lines that cannot be sealed up. Plus, there are far more item types that can have Nebulites than item types that can have Additional Options.

Last but not least, my Amaterasu's Hat has been raised to Legendary! Certainly an unexpected result, as I've used quite a lot of Meister Cubes and Reward Point Cubes on it. As usual with all of my other equips, it was just a regular Meister Cube that raised the rank. I was quite lucky yesterday with my Meister Cube drops, as I've obtained three of them! One from Mori Ranmaru, one from an Elite Boss and another from a Lith Harbor Commerci Voyage. Hmm, usually when I find a Meister Cube, it's from Commerci, so I consider myself quite fortunate with the drops. The last one did the rank up. Getting everything to Legendary is no problem, as I just keep throwing Cubes at my items until it works - but I guess that's how everyone does it, and the "only problem" would be a supply of Meister Cubes to have enough attempts in the first place. Daily bosses certainly helps! Now to think about what would be my next item, as that really depends on a certain item I've been trying to gather for quite a long while. What item you may ask?
I'm pretty sure I'll cover it on my blog when I have one, so you have to be patient with me!

That's it for now - I'll see you guys again next post!

Totally made a typo by writing "Seventy Legendary Potential GET!" at first, you didn't see anything! Unfortunately the hyperlink that took the typo cannot be adjusted once published, it's something that also occured with certain other blogposts too.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

[YT] About one month left!

Hi guys - Just about one month left here in Norway! You've probably noticed already that there hasn't been a blogpost for this month - well, as I mentioned before on my blog - there isn't just much I can do here and thus my blog pretty much narrows down to "EMS" posts-only at the moment. And if there isn't some improvement on my character that I feel to warrant a blogpost by itself, there is nothing for the EMS department to write about either. Of course, if there isn't a blogpost, that doesn't mean my character isn't progressing (for example, my Lacheln symbol is now at Level 5).

Anyway, I do really want to work on my LEGO® projects but unfortunately I only have a handful of Galidor sets here to mess around with if I'm really bored. Which actually brought me to an idea for a sweet Galidor MOC when I get back home. Of course I've been playing EMS pretty much all the time and every now and then I've been playing some Team Fortress 2 and Pokémon. But as I often joke with some of my friends, I only play video games when I don't play around with my LEGO® stuff. Fun fact: if you have paid attention to my LEGO® collection in the past few months, you might have noticed every now and then a new set popped in my list...

Fortunately I have had plenty of time to actually think about how I would improve my Constructor. Y'know, ever since I've gone full focus on my Hailfire Droid, you might have noticed my Constructor is "left behind" - which is the disadvantage of running two fairly sized projects at the same time while you're just a student with a limited amount of time and resources for your hobby. Anyway, I've decided that I have to redesign my Constructor from scratch again (and thus, a second redesign of the entire body) as there are a few things I really want to (urgently) improve on. We'll definitely get back to that later this year!

Just to make things clear about my 10th anniversary on EMS on the 30th of September -  unfortunately due to some pretty uncanny timing it's also the day where I'm actually heading back home. Which means I'll only really be playing around in the very early morning and the blogpost should be up just after breakfast because it'll be a two-day trip.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

[EMS] Just another small milestone - A map full of Secret Gardens!

Not all milestones that I want to achieve in MapleStory have to be huge, y'know? This has been one of the "small scale" milestones that I've been working on since November 2016. As some people might know, I'm a big fan of Asian architecture - and by coincidence, the Secret Garden that is unlocked at Level 35 is a powerful standard 4x4 building that has solid Warus Production with a great Warus Capacity and Aesthetic boost.

Secret Gardens are far from the best buildings in Monster Life though. It is definitely dwarfed by most of the Gem-buildings which have much better stats to offer. To even get to Level 36 prior to this current layout, I've been collecting lots of those through the Special Merchant (and I still am, by the way). I mean, it costs like 14 million Warus (excluding Mushroom/Aesthetic discount) to even purchase 25 Secret Gardens in the first place...

Monster Life is still one of those daily things I do in addition to daily bosses/Commerci Voyages/Dream Breaker and such. I'll get back on "whenever Monster Life is worth it" when I hit Level 40 later this year. After almost a full year I've been able to obtain plenty of Gem Coupons - don't forget that I've already purchased all normal Farm Expansion Coupons and the largest baseplate to build on. Daily Monster Life gives more than enough Gem Coupons to suffice all of this. Anyway, when I've purchased all the Farm Expansion Coupons, I'll probably expand my Monster Life bank. Not that I use the bank to be honest as I already have more than enough space, but hey, it still can be useful (you don't need to have the bank on your baseplate to store your monsters, by the way). Plus, that would be the last thing I'll need to upgrade in Monster Life that can only be upgraded done through Gems.

Is going full Secret Garden with max Aesthetic points really "worth it"? Objectively speaking, it's probably better to run Gem-buildings, but hey - don't forget that this is my farm so I do whatever the hell I want. You either go Rayque or you don't, amiright? And with something like Secret Gardens with a cherry blossom background, you can't really get "more Rayque in Monster Life" than that.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!