Tuesday, July 25, 2017

[EMS] Just another small milestone - A map full of Secret Gardens!

Not all milestones that I want to achieve in MapleStory have to be huge, y'know? This has been one of the "small scale" milestones that I've been working on since November 2016. As some people might know, I'm a big fan of Asian architecture - and by coincidence, the Secret Garden that is unlocked at Level 35 is a powerful standard 4x4 building that has solid Warus Production with a great Warus Capacity and Aesthetic boost.

Secret Gardens are far from the best buildings in Monster Life though. It is definitely dwarfed by most of the Gem-buildings which have much better stats to offer. To even get to Level 36 prior to this current layout, I've been collecting lots of those through the Special Merchant (and I still am, by the way). I mean, it costs like 14 million Warus (excluding Mushroom/Aesthetic discount) to even purchase 25 Secret Gardens in the first place...

Monster Life is still one of those daily things I do in addition to daily bosses/Commerci Voyages/Dream Breaker and such. I'll get back on "whenever Monster Life is worth it" when I hit Level 40 later this year. After almost a full year I've been able to obtain plenty of Gem Coupons - don't forget that I've already purchased all normal Farm Expansion Coupons and the largest baseplate to build on. Daily Monster Life gives more than enough Gem Coupons to suffice all of this. Anyway, when I've purchased all the Farm Expansion Coupons, I'll probably expand my Monster Life bank. Not that I use the bank to be honest as I already have more than enough space, but hey, it still can be useful (you don't need to have the bank on your baseplate to store your monsters, by the way). Plus, that would be the last thing I'll need to upgrade in Monster Life that can only be upgraded done through Gems.

Is going full Secret Garden with max Aesthetic points really "worth it"? Objectively speaking, it's probably better to run Gem-buildings, but hey - don't forget that this is my farm so I do whatever the hell I want. You either go Rayque or you don't, amiright? And with something like Secret Gardens with a cherry blossom background, you can't really get "more Rayque in Monster Life" than that.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

[EMS] Sixth Legendary Potential GET!

Sup guys! Yesterday I managed to rank up my Amaterasu's Overall from Unique to Legendary!
It's been a while since my last rank up, but at least I got another one through.

Unfortunately, I was quite unlucky with the Potential lines and I'll have to reset it soon. Why so? The "5% chance to ignore % damage when attacked" has an infamous bug with any reflect skill (as I have the skill "Rage") that causes to disconnect you when it hits the proc rate. This is why I've cubed my Sengoku Hakase Badge first, as I've hoped the disconnecting issue would've been solved by now.

Eh, nothing too bad I guess, as I just need to recube the reflect lines away and I should be good. For now, I'll need to play without Rage in order to avoid any risk in disconnecting during my dailies. Fortunately, it's just Rage. I mean, it's not that my character becomes unplayable or anything. Even if it were Combo Attack or Sword of Burning Soul, I could still do my dailies. Still, it's a shame that I have to cube away the Invincible line, as the 3 second duration has been something I've been wanting for a few years - but at least my Overall is Legendary so it's a matter of recubing till I find it again!

That's it for now - I'll see you guys again next post!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

[EMS] Level 223!

Good, I'm still on schedule, as I should hit Level 225 before the end of this year.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

[EMS] Beyond - 5th Job's second wave!

Sup guys! The Beyond update has arrived several weeks ago, together with the second wave of 5th job skills! Hopefully some of you have been eager for this blogpost, as there is quite a number of things to cover!

The Beyond wave gave Hero one signature skill and one shared skill, in addition to several updates to both existing and first wave skills. Yes, I know Beyond also gave Decent Holy Symbol, but I don't see much use of covering that in this blogpost. However, I will cover a few things from the skill changes, as some of them are quite significant.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

[EMS] Bunny Disguise III - Finished scrolling!

Hi guys! For a change, it's not a Zipangu-related equip - I have finished scrolling my Bunny Disguise III (BD3)!

BD3 is a fun and interesting Face Accessory that in EMS still holds a formidable value even though it's older than the Potential System (which came out in 2010). Why so? Not only was this one of the first third Potential tiered Face Accessories, it is still rare to see five slots on a Face (excluding hammers) and it's even more rare to see a Face item to give % HP and MP! Of course, there is also a Bunny Disguise 1 and 2, but as expected by their indicated number, they are both weaker than the third edition.

Did you know that this Bunny Disguise 3 is one of the oldest equipment, if not, the oldest equip I still use on Rayque? The second oldest should be my original Adventurer's Critical Ring from the Balance Patch in 2010. This BD3 was obtained from the 2009 birthday event where you could find purple boxes from any mob and had a small chance of finding one of the three Bunny Disguises. Eight hours of good old Lupin farming and spamming Shout did the job.
A good BD3 in EMS can go for a small fortune quite easy as it has nearly always been since late 2009.

Anyway, like any other "generic Rayque equipment", it is upgraded with Miracle Positive Chaos Scrolls (aka Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness in EMS) and resulted in a whopping 15 attack! But wait, this item does not come with any attack clean what so ever... How does that work? Well, my fellow reader, it's something I call "Attack Manipulation", which essentially means you either use Additional Options or sacrifice the first slot with an Accessory for Attack and fully scroll the remaining slots with ICOGs. Because I plan things a few years ahead, the attack was obviously RNG'd with Additional Options so I had the full ICOG experience...

Of course no Enhancements on this one any time soon. I won't bother to explain this over and over again, please read the second last part of this blogpost if you really want to know more about "why".

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!