Thursday, April 12, 2018

[YT] 11.000 Subs!

Sup guys! Today we've reached 11.000 subscribers on our channel!

It has taken almost a year to go from ten thousand to eleven, partially because of our "inactivity" (or, lack of uploads) in the past one-and-a-half year. Rest assured, content is always on its way, and more content is always planned.

Youtube is just a hobby to us, and that also means that we always have our moments of "inactivity". For what it's worth: don't forget that we do regularly check our Youtube channel - we do read all of the comments that we receive.

When will my next Single-Part-Videos come out? I'm honestly not sure when I'll upload them. One still needs to be quality checked, and quality checking a six hour video is time consuming to say the least.

Having a couple of days of slow internet for uploading relatively large file sizes (i.e. uploading files over 20 GB with only 3 MB/s upload) is actually more troublesome than it might sound at first, especially if you're not the only person living in the same building. Just remember that they are on their way though! I just need to figure out how to solve this puzzle.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Monday, April 9, 2018

[EMS] 15 Star Force on all Sengoku equipment!

Hi guys! Just a small blogpost for today.

As mentioned with my previous post regarding the "Star Squad 13" events, I've poured some of my budget in getting my equipment to 15 Star Force each. At least, the equipment that can go up to 15, which are only my Amaterasu's and my Sengoku Hakase Badge.

Might not entirely be the best or efficient way to spend my mesos, but at least the Star Squad 13 event does give me some opportunity to make it worth my while. I mean, I had to do this 15 Star Forcing eventually, right?

So, yesterday, the maximum Galaxy Stars you could obtain was double the daily limit. It would take about 1 billion mesos worth of Star Forcing to reach the normal daily cap (which is 200), and because it took me 1 billion to get both my Amaterasu's Armor and Gloves to 15 each, I honestly didn't expect too much with only a projected budget of 2 billion for just 400 Galaxy Stars.

Funny enough, I actually got all of the remaining equipment to 15 with only 400 million mesos! No, I'm not kidding. I'm still surprised about that one. If I remember correctly, only my Amaterasu's Cape took a couple of attempts - everything else just went from 14 to 15 without failure. Like, wait what... how does that even work?

What happened with the other 1.6 billion mesos that I had left?

Well, I thought it might be a wise decision to just prepare some gear for mules, as I will eventually work on getting more characters to Level 200 for those Union cards. So I did prepare a shitload of Sengoku equipment, all of which went to 11 Star Force each because I don't really see the need in getting those stuff all the way to 15. This should definitely do the trick...

Anyway, I've spent more than enough mesos in Star Forcing for now, and I also don't have much items of interest left to purchase from the Star Squad 13 event store. Might as well do some Rail Rush for gaining the remaining Galaxy Stars, given some friends requested me to give it a try so they can compare their high scores with mine. I am looking forward to the next half of the Star Squad 13 events though, which should hit EMS later this month!

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

[EMS] Mark of Naricain - Finished scrolling!

Sup guys! Yesterday I finished scrolling my Mark of Naricain (MoN)!

It might not be on par with most of my other items though, because scrolling with ICOGs can either go very well or it can left to be desired. Not that I will complain with the upgrade, as it surely is still something and it'll do for now.

From what I currently wear on Rayque, my MoN is among the oldest equipment that I still use. While my BD3 came from a Pre-BB event back in 2009, I got this particular Mark of Naricain after the Big Bang update. As once mentioned on my "Ye good olde big updates" blogpost back in 2016, we had access to two different Mark of Naricain's which were almost identical by having slots (Pre-BB MoN's were under the GMS ID and Post-BB were under the MSEA ID), so they could be upgraded with scrolling, could be applied to the Potential system and such.

With the migration, the Pre-BB MoN's (under the GMS ID) lost their slots, and every upgrade except for Additional Options and under/above average stats were removed. All of the MSEA ones (like the one I'm currently using) were unchanged though, because the item changes only affected items that appeared in the GMS game files before the migration happened (and obviously, the MSEA MoN's weren't present in the GMS game files until after the migration, so no changes were made in EMS). Anyway, this MoN is already like 7 years old by now, which makes it the third oldest equip I currently still use.

About the scrolling: my Mark of Naricain actually started way "worse", with the first couple of scrolls giving +0 or +1 Attack each, so the fact that it still redeemed itself in the end, isn't so bad after all. Fortunately, regardless if I'm going to hit over 20~30 attack or not, it shouldn't matter too much in the end. Having that 10 Attack clean on my MoN does contribute a lot to the overall impact, as it acts kinda like a fail-safe against poor ICOG luck.

Is it just me, or has my luck with Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness been poor with the past few of my equipment?

At least I did get 1% All Stats Additional Options on most of my current lower level accessories before that system has been retired for the time being...

Speaking of upgrades! With the current "Star Squad 13" events I have found a legitimate excuse reason to burn my mesos in Star Forcing my Amaterasu equipment to 15 enhancements. So for now, my Amaterasu's Armor and Gloves are done with their enhancements!

I mean, I would've gone to 15 enhancements eventually anyway, even though it's such a huge meso sink (that is arguably better spent elsewhere). I just don't feel like playing mini-games against other players for just a couple of hundred coins so, I suppose doing these upgrades earlier than planned should suffice for now.

Now that my MoN is finished, the only two equipment that are left to scroll are my Ani Pendant and my Rex's Perfect Red Earrings. Both items have quite a number of slots, so don't expect them to be done any time soon though. Then,
I should be done with scrolling all of my current layout! Until I would go for a second round...

Anyway, that's it for now! I'll see you guys again next post, which should happen within a week.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

[EMS] Level 228!

Woops, forgot to write this blogpost yesterday as I was being sidetracked with other things. Anyway, I've hit Level 228! Perhaps not as fast as I might have wanted or expected to, even with all those EXP coupons from a bunch of recent events. As long as I'm still getting there, I guess.

I've also hit 700 Arcane Force, by the way. Not sure when I'll hit Level 230 to unlock my Morass symbol, but I expect it'll be around the end of this Summer, unless it's raining EXP coupons again or something.

That's it for now - I'll see you guys again next post!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

[EMS] First Level 20 Arcane Symbol GET!

Aaaand we're back with Chew Chew being maxed out again! The Arcane Symbol Level cap was raised from 15 to 20 with the Nova update, which happened several months ago.

I might actually consider to keep that daily Hungry Muto runs (the runs that would give you EXP for your Chew Chew Symbol), despite that I said back in December. What changed my mind? I pretty much got to a point where doing Hungry Muto has become almost a cakewalk for me with those two additional 20% Item Drop rates and the major increase of my total Arcane Force, which already supplies 6900 STR by itself right now. Plus, when I'm doing my daily stuff on EMS I often come to a point where I just opportunist myself with "while you're at it". That daily one billion EXP for a few extra minutes is just too invaluable...

Regarding my other Arcane Symbols: I managed to figure out a way to achieve the maximum daily score on Spirit Savior for my Arcana Symbol, which has been pretty damn consistent so far with only a few days where I just missed out on one or two symbols because I screwed up some movement. Even with a handful of days where you don't win it all, I should definitely be able to max out my Arcana Symbol before the end of this year. My Road of Vanishing symbol should be done somewhere this Summer.

My Lacheln Symbol is a total different story though. At first, I only managed to get three Floor 10's each day for a couple of months (which is about 1~2 Lacheln Symbols a day). I managed to get all the way to Floor 20 a few weeks ago, but I managed to pull off Floor 30's recently even though it's still a bit challenging. But the good part about having gotten to daily Floor 30's is that it can only become easier from now on, given my damage obviously still improves and so does my Dream Breaker experience. But don't expect my Lacheln Symbol to hit Level 20 any time soon (probably somewhere late 2019).

Would I be surprised if Nexon would increase the cap level for Arcane Symbols again? No, I wouldn't. I mean, why should we?

Anyway, I'm going to hop back into my New Game+ file for Xenoblade 2 since I still have plenty of stuff to do there, and start rendering a six hour Single-Part-Video in the meanwhile. Said render should take the remainder of the day, and probably should be done by tomorrow morning. Fun fact: I also have another Single-Part-Video ready to be uploaded later this year. And no, I'm not referring to my Xenoblade 1 SPV, I'm talking about a much older project that I had in mind since 2009 and have tried to work on a couple of times in the past, but I only have managed to pull it off recently. Either way: whooo, two new Single-Part-Videos! Get hyped (or, maybe not).

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!