Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[EMS] First Level 15 Arcane Symbol GET!

Hi guys! Today, I have maxed out my first Arcane Symbol! It's the Arcane Symbol for Chew Chew Island (which for some reason, had to be changed to "Chu Chu" in the English dub), and this particular symbol is most likely the first to be maxed out by many.

Every region in the Arcane River so far has its own Arcane Symbol, which commonly is rewarded after you have finished their own regional storyline. And every region has (or, will eventually get) their own daily method of increasing the Arcane Symbol's, and for Chew Chew you have to do a little Party Quest that you can either enter on your own, or team up with up to 3 other people. You have two different difficulties with the rewards being dependent on ranks; the faster you complete the PQ, the higher the rank - which results in more experience gain for both you and your symbol.

This isn't the "first day" to have a Level 15 Chew Chew Symbol, given I have started out with the easiest difficulty for a handful of days first, and I didn't immediately start with Chew Chew Island's storyline on day 1. In addition, you can always find experience for your symbol as an extremely rare drop in the Arcane River - some people prefer to speed up the leveling process of their symbols by grinding for several days with high droprate multipliers.

Anyway, it will most likely take a few months before I've finished the Arcane Symbol for the Road of Vanishing. The daily mini game to increase the level of Lacheln's Arcane Symbol has yet to come out, and by then, the fourth Arcane Symbol will be available soon to players over Level 225 as well. But obviously it will take a while before I'm Level 225, and I'm not in a hurry.

And no, you're not able to level the Arcane Symbol any further when it hits Level 15, even if it states the next level requires a whopping 236 experience...

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Monday, March 20, 2017

[EMS] Level 221!

Definitely the most lazy level up in the past few years. I've had experienced lazier though (read: leeching).

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again tomorrow!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

[Other] Donkey Kong 64 - 101% Score!

Sup guys! Perhaps a bit of a different subject to talk about for today. As of recent, I have finished Donkey Kong 64 with a 101% score! I assume most of you guys have your own childhood game - well, this is mine.

Some of you recurring readers might know I have been raised in Tokyo for a few years in my childhood. To be more precise, the years where the Nintendo 64 was just brand new in stores. Obviously, that where I got mine - hence why my Nintendo 64 has all of its games running in Japanese.

This isn't my first save file for the game however, as I have erased my original I made back in the late nineties. If you can't read or speak Japanese, the only way you know how to navigate through everything as a child is through trial and error. That was all way before we had those fancy stuff such as Gamefaqs and Youtube to guide us through.
In fact, only just earlier this year, I was made aware of the Widescreen setting on this game through watching a Youtube stream of this game...

Anyway, somewhere in 2008, when we started our Youtube channel, I picked up my Nintendo 64 and started playing again. In example, I've managed to complete Mario Kart 64 and unlock the special title screen last year. This year, I've finished Donkey Kong 64. There are still a lot of games in my library I want to finish eventually to be honest, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there.

Interestingly enough, I already had a 101% score with just 200 Golden Banana's. I've gotten the Rareware Golden Banana rather early in the game to unlock the infinite ammunition, so perhaps that is why it jumped from 99% to 101%.

That's it for now - I'll see you guys again next post!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

[EMS] Amaterasu's Gloves - Self Sharp Eyes / Speed Infusion

So, we're back with Self Sharp Eyes on my Amaterasu Gloves. Yay!
It might not be the Black Cube manipulation of Self Sharp Eyes with Speed Infusion, given the Sharp Eyes skill is obtained through a Nebulite instead. However, I have honestly grown quite tired of attempting so many Black Cubes over and over again for the past few months, so can you blame me for buying the Nebulite variant in the end?

It might objectively have not been the most efficient use of my mesos, however, at least this ensures me to not worry about this any longer - I can now focus my Reward Points into cubing more items to Legendary, and be glad that the "struggle" for a Self Sharp Eyes without cooldown can now be considered over.

It's late, and I'm tired. I'll see you guys again next post!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

[EMS] Third Legendary Potential GET!

Damn, that was long overdue. I was a bit more unlucky with cubing my third item from Unique to Legendary than I was with the second - I was planning to cube my Amaterasu's Hat to Legendary first, but that had to wait due to a bug with one particular Potential line in combination with the skill Rage. So, the next item that would seem logical to myself while avoiding the aforementioned bug, would be my Emblem.

One major reason why my progress has been slow on ranking up those items is because I'm still stuck with spending all of my Reward Points into using Black Cubes for my Amaterasu's Gloves which I've been trying to get Self SI + Self SE since October last year. Black Cubes have the highest chance to rank up items, and as long as I haven't gotten both Self SI + Self SE, that means I cannot invest those cubes somewhere else. In addition, you can only purchase five of them each month, and they are rather expensive.

Anyway, the next item that will tossed at the RNG of Unique to Legendary will probably be decided through the course of time. It kinda depends on how things goes in the next upcoming weeks. However, I will most likely not cube my Emblem further for now - while that seems like an odd choice, I prefer to focus all the Meister Cubes that I can find on ranking up everything first. There's always room for perfection after that.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!