Thursday, June 8, 2017

[EMS] Bunny Disguise III - Finished scrolling!

Hi guys! For a change, it's not a Zipangu-related equip - I have finished scrolling my Bunny Disguise III (BD3)!

BD3 is a fun and interesting Face Accessory that in EMS still holds a formidable value even though it's older than the Potential System (which came out in 2010). Why so? Not only was this one of the first third Potential tiered Face Accessories, it is still rare to see five slots on a Face (excluding hammers) and it's even more rare to see a Face item to give % HP and MP! Of course, there is also a Bunny Disguise 1 and 2, but as expected by their indicated number, they are both weaker than the third edition.

Did you know that this Bunny Disguise 3 is one of the oldest equipment, if not, the oldest equip I still use on Rayque? The second oldest should be my original Adventurer's Critical Ring from the Balance Patch in 2010. This BD3 was obtained from the 2009 birthday event where you could find purple boxes from any mob and had a small chance of finding one of the three Bunny Disguises. Eight hours of good old Lupin farming and spamming Shout did the job.
A good BD3 in EMS can go for a small fortune quite easy as it has nearly always been since late 2009.

Anyway, like any other "generic Rayque equipment", it is upgraded with Miracle Positive Chaos Scrolls (aka Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness in EMS) and resulted in a whopping 15 attack! But wait, this item does not come with any attack clean what so ever... How does that work? Well, my fellow reader, it's something I call "Attack Manipulation", which essentially means you either use Additional Options or sacrifice the first slot with an Accessory for Attack and fully scroll the remaining slots with ICOGs. Because I plan things a few years ahead, the attack was obviously RNG'd with Additional Options so I had the full ICOG experience...

Of course no Enhancements on this one any time soon. I won't bother to explain this over and over again, please read the second last part of this blogpost if you really want to know more about "why".

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

[EMS] Sengoku Hakase Badge - Finished scrolling

Hi guys! Today I've managed to finish the scrolling on my Sengoku Hakase Badge!

The scrolling with ICOGs has been pretty good on this one. It has the "average" 2 attack a slot. Having 18 Attack on a Badge is quite a lot if you'd compare it to other possible options, and the additional STR and DEX isn't too bad either!

Anyway, the reason why I've chosen to finish my Sengoku Hakase Badge early has to do with my Amaterasu's Helm. When I have a bulk of Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness, I'm partially limited by my mesos budget since I cannot afford an infinite amount of Clean Slate Scrolls. This is why most of my Accessories are still considered clean, so that I can route "leftover" ICOGs and still make them pretty important. So in the meanwhile, I'm just going to resume collecting Slates and Spell Traces to get those slots back on my helm from previous failed ICOG attempts.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[YT] 10.000 Subs!

Yeah! About damn time! We at the Rayque3 Channel, have finally reached a whopping 10.000 Subscriber count as of today! This has been something Lux and I have been looking forward to a lot in the past few months.

As most of you recurring readers know, Lux and I have started our Youtube channel since the 7th of July, all the way back in 2008. In a lifetime, we have produced and released 462 videos, excluding projects that never got to the upload page and our Xenoblade SPV. In total so far, we have racked up 10.500.000 views. And there's still plenty of videos we'd like to do!

We do the "Youtube thing" because it's a hobby. We've started in 2008 and we're still doing it because we like what we do. Delivering quality and something we can be proud of are part of that.

The good old Youtube channel layout. Don't mind the mess, we were still young. Plus, this was pretty much how a lot of people did their Youtube channels back then. Today it's surprisingly limited on how much you can layout all of it... Anyway, it's funny that I've actually finished my Wario Ware Smooth Moves Walkthrough after all (see Channel Description). Well, finished all but the "All Microgames part" that I referred about in the first part. To quote young Rayque from 2009: "I will show all the stages, all the minigames... Well minigames may be too hard". COUGH

It's been quite a journey hasn't it? I'm sure there will be some readers here who have seen most of those years; in some rare cases everything. There's also a lot of readers who joined in our small community rather recently. All cases are totally fine! It's probably best when you joined recently. As long as you guys can enjoy what we release on this platform.

Well, Youtube has changed a lot as a platform throughout the years. Some for the better, some being perhaps worse. There's plenty of examples we all can name. You can change the platform over and over again every year, but you cannot take away the channel from the "Rayque3". More content is always on the way; as our joy in doing this hobby hasn't faded away. Obviously, because in 2018 we've been doing this for ten years already!

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

[EMS] Second Level 15 Arcane Symbol GET!

Hi guys! Today is the first official day to have a Level 15 Road of Vanishing Symbol!

Well, purely by daily quests, that is. It takes half a year to get to the Level 15 Arcane Symbol in the Road of Vanishing, and if you haven't missed out on any day since the first, today you should have it Level 15 as well.

To be fair, I have missed out on the first day, because I do not have the damage to finish the entire Road of Vanishing storyline within two hours before the first daily reset. After I've obtained my Lacheln Symbol, I've found a total of eight symbols during the last few weeks of doing the Road of Vanishing dailies for some reason - which basically compensates for missing out on the first day. Even if I wouldn't have found those, I would've had it tomorrow anyway.

Which means for now I still have my Lacheln Symbol relatively untouched. Found two Symbols by accident.
Obviously I won't bother to grind endlessly for it. I shall wait patiently until the Dream Breaker dailies are here, and in the meanwhile I can have at least half an hour worth of extra sleep until that time slot is reserved for the next symbol. Heh. Although that will most likely mean I would finish my Lacheln Symbol somewhere in early 2018, if Beyond was to be released this Summer.

Two down, four to go.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

[EMS] Amaterasu's Shoes - Finished scrolling

Sup guys! Recently I've managed to finish scrolling my Amaterasu's Shoes! The past few events have been very resourceful with obtaining ICOGs, given I've just finished my Amaterasu's Belt just barely two weeks ago. Most efficient, these events have been.

The stats may not be the average "2 attack per slot" safe zone, but it does give a similar boost to my Lionheart Battle Boots. Obviously, the Battle Boots give way more STR than my Amaterasu's, but do not forget that the 80+ STR is partially due to Additional Options (and my Amaterasu's give 2% All Stats so that pretty much balances it out).

At first I was afraid that these shoes might not get something similar because the first four slots didn't go that well, but at least it seems it went the right way in the end.

So all in all, these pair of flip-flops might not have the 20+ Attack that should've been possible with the most average luck, but unlike with my Amaterasu's Armor, I can find peace with 18 Attack because it's pretty close to my Lionheart Battle Boots. I find it funny that these shoes alone should give any warrior the maximum Speed/Jump instantly, unless you play Hayato/Soul Master/Zero or something. However, I really wonder what the hell is going on with all that +DEX that also my Amaterasu's Armor has given...

Let's also just appreciate the fact that Black Crow, y'know - the original boss to drop Ribgol Sword "back in those days" - also wears flip-flops. THAT CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE.

That's it for today guys - I'll see you again next post!