Saturday, June 9, 2018

[EMS] And now for something totally different...

I've had to wait eight long months for this to arrive in my hands. I'm not a huge geek in collecting merchandise aside from having a respectful amount of Pokémon/Kirby plushies and some artbooks from Xenoblade, but this thing has been on my "to get" list ever since I saw this being released four years ago.

MapleStory never has a lot of merchandise to begin with, because setting up merchandise is surprisingly expensive and often involves third party companies to help you out. It's a community demand that has been asked about (many times) before, but it hasn't helped the supply that much. A lot of merchandise that people own are actually from MapleStory 2, and for the little amount of merchandise from the original MapleStory that exists; it has always been in limited supplies, hard to come by and had a short shelf life.

Even if I'm more of a plushy guy in terms of merchandise, I can't say I have had any interest in owning a Mushroom, Pig, Yeti or Slime plushy. In fact, there has only been one item in MapleStory's merchandise lifespan where I feel it has a meaning and purpose in my life: this artbook. The "Bon Voyage" artbook is one of the very few artbooks that Nexon has published, and it is the only one that interests me.

Nexon published this artbook for the 10th anniversary of the game, and it contains a lot of concept arts from those first ten years of the game - including scrapped designs, which is something that is very difficult to come by given Nexon has always had a concealment regarding MapleStory's development. In the EMS community, I've been dubbed "the maple nerd" by many, because of my knowledge regarding this game, and my never ending hunger to know more about it.

As a passionate hobbyist, owning a physical copy of a game is part of that gaming experience that makes me love playing them. Not just only the CD or cartridge... it has to include at least the original box, a manual and even the box inserts that holds the items within. Owning a digital copy has never felt like I truly own or play the real thing. With digital copies, I don't need to open a box and take the CD or cartridge and insert it in a console, and I don't have a physical representation of said game that is tangible. I don't get the same experience, or the same feeling.

MapleStory has always been just a download on your Windows PC, and it never had a physical CD release like some other MMORPG's did. It has always been on all of my PCs ever since I've start playing, but it never could be found in my physical gaming collection, which still made it rather distant and felt disconnected, if that makes any sense. Meeting over thirty Maplers in real life like I've been doing for the past ten years is a whole different feeling and meaning: it fulfills the role of me as a human, as a friend who cares about them - but not as a gaming enthusiast, or a passionate hobbyist.

So you can imagine, as a person that has played MapleStory for almost eleven years on a daily basis through a digital platform - everything that is not social related to the game itself remains digital, and one could argue it's almost a criminal offence not to have something physical to represent the game outside of my computer screen. Something that is tangible, that I can hold in my hands, and don't need a power source with a digital screen to give it my attention.

With this book now on my shelf next to where I play the game, it now feels like it has filled in a gap that I've had for a long time.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[EMS] Second Level 20 Arcane Symbol GET!

Alright! My Arcane Symbol for Road of Vanishing is Level 20! This puts me back on having both my Road of Vanishing and Chew Chew Island's maxed out again, given Nexon raised the maximum level of 15 to 20 not too long ago.

Level 25 Arcane Symbols will probably happen eventually, but for now I can say once more: two down, four left to go...

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

[EMS] Twelfth Legendary Potential GET!

Sup guys! Today I managed to rank up my Amaterasu's Cape Potential to Legendary! This marks my twelfth Legendary item that I use on my character.

Fortunately, my cape immediately started out with 9% All Stats when it ranked up. I used to keep it between 6~9% STR when it was Unique, so I pretty much have some gain here given I still run high DEX on my Hero.

You know what's even more ironic? I ran out of Chaos Cubic Blades two days ago, which means that this rank up happened with yet another Meister Cube found from Commerci...

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

[EMS] Eleventh Legendary Potential GET!

Hi guys! Yesterday I managed to cube my Emblem to Legendary! But wait, didn't I have a Legendary Emblem already? As mentioned in my "Tenth Legendary Potential GET" blogpost, I would explain the situation. Soooo...

To keep the explanation straightforward: I do consider weapon (Primary, Secondary, Emblem) potentials to be on a higher priority than most equipment. And thus, I aimed to get my Emblem to Legendary as soon as possible. However, I did not expect to gain a better Emblem in terms of base stats back then - shortly after I rolled that Gold Maple Leaf to Legendary, we had our first Maple Leaf High event in a long while. That event introduced the (at the time) new Honor Roll Emblem.

So pretty much I had some poor timing with a luck-based upgrade, with an unexpected opportunity that has arisen on a coincidental "inconvenient" timing with said upgrade, if you will.

So of course, I preferred to use the Honor Roll Emblem over the Gold Maple Leaf because of the stats and because I have an undeniable bias towards non-KMS stuff. But by doing so, I would have to slow down my progress on Legendary cubing - which I personally am fine with.

Anyway, this Legendary Honor Roll Emblem will not in use any time soon. Why so? Because my current Honor Roll Emblem with 15% Total Damage and 6%-STR will be pretty tough to beat with a Legendary emblem, and it's probably more important to roll some more % STR on my equipment - which requires those other Unique equipment to be ranked to Legendary first if I want to have a sufficient boost.

Yes, I actually do have more than one Honor Roll Emblem. The Maple Leaf High event is recurring enough to me to stack more coins than I can spend. One of the many perks of never quitting and being a pure main...

You know what's ironic? Even if I have been crafting over one hundred Meister cubes in the past week and my Chaos Cubic Blade supply is running out, none of these have ranked up any of my equipment yet. It's a Meister cube I found from Commerci that did the job. Sometimes I have the feeling that even crafting Meister cubes does not speed up my progress at all, and that I'm stuck with some sort of time wall that one might consider "fate". Oh well.

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Monday, May 14, 2018

[EMS] Ani Pendant - Finished scrolling!

Sup guys! Today I've finished scrolling my Ani Pendant, which is the second last equipment on my Hero that I still had upgrade slots left on. It is interestingly the only upgradeable equipment of mine to have ever gotten to Legendary Potential before I had used any scrolls on it.

With the currently ongoing Star Squad 13 events, I've managed to find a couple of ICOG scrolls through the Petite Planet minigame, which ultimately was enough to finish all of my Ani Pendant's slots.

I'm really happy to see that 25 attack on my Ani Pendant, as it has been a while since I've managed to enhance an equipment's attack by more than twice the amount of slots it has. The "two attack for each slot" average is kinda the minimum goal that makes me feel satisfied with the result, as that should be more than reasonable to reach. As you probably know if you're a frequent reader; I didn't reach that average with my Mark of Naricain, Amaterasu's Helm, Shoes and Overall. Fortunately I did reach that average with all of my other equipment, though.

The final equipment left to upgrade in this first batch is my Rex's Perfect Red Earrings! It has eight slots, so it might take a while before I will finish this one.

I have also been working on cubing some of my equipment since I've reached Meister Blacksmithing a couple of days ago! I haven't had much success and I'm already past 70 cubing attempts... but I can tell you that I've managed to increase my Sengoku Hakase Badge's %-STR from 7% to 23%! Let's hope I can manage some more improvements than just that one...

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!