Sunday, November 27, 2016

[EMS] Veteran Hunter GET!

Hi guys! Perhaps a little less significant of a blogpost but still one I feel is worthy to tick off my achievement list.

Today I managed to get the Veteran Hunter Medal, which is essentially an in-game achievement for defeating 100.000 enemies around your level within 30 days. Which is a lot. Like, really a lot.

This challenge has been around in the game for years, but similar to the Dilligent Explorer, I pushed it back for years as well because I just can't get myself to start the challenge even if it's clear I can breeze through it when I feel like it.

Because the Haste Event arrived in EMS, I took the opportunity to obtain the Veteran Hunter while doing the Haste Event. The Haste Event requires to defeat almost the same number of monsters as the Veteran Hunter, however, the time you have for it is much more limited because the game requires you to beat 44.444 enemies in the first week and 55.555 in the second (55.555 in the second if you beat the first week, that is). So the event was really the opportunity to get myself to start the timed challenge.

While the loot from this event isn't as rewarding as you'd expect, it's difficult for me to leave an event alone if I can certainly do it haha. Hey, let's be honest here. If I can get my Auf Haven Circlet, my Ribgol Sword, my Level 5 Soul Driver, the Holy Pink Beanity Title and my Hyena, killing almost 100.000 enemies in two weeks shouldn't be a big deal.

So, what you get from this event? A permanent Haste Event chair for bragging rights, some Damage Skin that I won't use (because apparently I'm such a hipster to want to keep using the basic damage skin I've been raised since 2007 to play this game with) and a Title that expires soon... At least I can say: been there, done that!

Even if this Speed Demon expires within a month time, you can't deny that those stats are pretty wow. If I will use this Title for the time being is another thing. Because we all know I don't like to use temporary gear. Unless you're new to this blog or you haven't read any other blogpost where I mentioned that, by coincidence. But now you know for sure.

Perhaps I might consider to start the Dilligent Explorer after the 5th Job event, because it's most likely I'm going to farm boxes for hours. And hey, for some days, you can always just AFK on a chair to get the job done...

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Friday, November 25, 2016

[EMS] Amaterasu's Gloves - Finished scrolling

Hi guys! Today I have finished scrolling my Amaterasu's Gloves - and it also has 10 Star Force enhancements.

Because of Black Friday, there has been a Spell Trace Fever event in EMS, together with a couple of hours worth of double Experience/Drop Rate.

My Amaterasu's Gloves is currently the only piece of equipment that I use on Rayque that is upgraded through Spell Traces. Because the Miracle Scrolls for Gloves (100% Chance to add 3 Weapon Attack per scroll) have become rare and untradeable between accounts since the migration, the 30% Spell Trace variant has been one of the few ways to get the same boost, and is arguably also the most cost efficient. Thankfully with Level 100 Dilligence on my Hero, succeeding those 30% Spell Trace scrolls wasn't the most difficult part during a Spell Trace Fever, which increases the succession rates for (almost?) every Spell Trace upgrade by a significant amount. I only had three slots left to upgrade, and it took me about six attempts in total. Not to bad at all I'd say.

While the Heroes of Maple update arrived late at EMS because the migration was basically delayed to prevent the account purge from happening, it bought me months worth of Spell Trace farming to prepare for the 5% Clean Slate feature (that came with the Heroes of Maple update) that costs 2000 Spell Traces each. Ultimately before the migration happened I managed to gather over two hundred thousand Spell Traces, so I was more than well prepared if a Spell Trace Fever event would be held. Which of course, happened today - and it will also be held during this weekend.

Regardless if the EMS website mentions that Spell Trace fevers would not apply to the Spell Trace Clean Slates and Innocence Scrolls variants (which by the way, the game interface implies the Fever boost should happen for both of these), I've been very fortunate to win back all of my slots on my Amaterasu's Cape and seven on my Amaterasu's Armor.

Despite I have plenty of 20% Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness on supply, I actually want to wait to see if the 5th Job Coin Shop Event would sell 50% or 60% variants first. I think it's better to be sure, because right now, I am kind of out of Spell Traces. Oops.

That's it for today! I'll see you guys again next post!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[EMS] Amaterasu's Epaulet - Finished scrolling

Sup guys! Yesterday I've managed to finish the scrolling of my first Amaterasu's equip! Sorry for the late coverage, given I've been so stupid with planning out how to manage the "Defeat 44.444 Monsters around your Level" from the Haste event before this Wednesday, because I did not consider the possibility of a server maintenance and the fact that I prefer to take a good nap over a few hours of gaming - so I kinda had to squeeze a last minute "hasty" session worth of 17.000 enemies before midnight. Gotta go fast, amiright?

Back on topic: my Amaterasu's Epaulet is the first piece of Amaterasu's equips that I've finished with scrolling. Because after I've fully replaced my Lionheart with Amaterasu's, I temporarily lost all of my Star Force enhancements, and because the Amaterasu's shoulderpad only has three slots, I thought that perhaps finishing the scrolling on this one would be the best choice to gain some Star Force back.

As mentioned a handful of times on my blog before, most of my equipment are scrolled with "Miracle Positive Chaos Scrolls" (which also goes by the name Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness in-game). Plus 10 Attack is definitely an awesome boost and an average of +3 per scroll is solid. I know that these scrolls can up a random stat to a maximum of 10, but trust me on my word, I have succeeded more than 50 of these in a lifetime, and gaining something like +3 Attack on a scroll, even +5, is quite hard to achieve on a consistent basis. Most equips with only 9 slots should be able to get past 20 Attack, but going past 30 is surprisingly difficult, even if it might not seem like it in theory... Going past 30 is more a thing that a 12-slot overall or a 10-slot hat would achieve.

The reason why I haven't gone past 10 Star Force enhancements, is because I'm currently saving up for a Self Sharp Eyes Nebulite, which has dropped in price recently due to events. Beyond 10 Star Force, the price per Enhancement becomes quite steep, so I rather invest my mesos in something I prefer to re-obtain as soon as possible that also has better results for its price.

And in case you wonder, isn't it better to invest a V-Core in Self Sharp Eyes to save a lot of mesos? I actually prefer not to waste many V-Core slots yet, as far as 5th Job is still in such an early phase of life, I rather keep a few V-Core slots unused than to swap one that's already filled with a new one so I'd lose the previous boosts in favor for something "more interesting". Perhaps consider using Self Sharp Eyes' V-Core variant temporarily until I get the Nebulite or Potential version might be a nice work-around, however, the cooldown for it is really killing, because I prefer to recast buffs like these when I feel like to without being hindered by cooldowns.

Objectively speaking, scrolling my Amaterasu Belt next would be the next logical step, because it has the least amount of slots to scroll from scratch. However, I'm leaning towards my Amaterasu's Cape because it just feels like the right choice. Whenever that means the results would be satisfying is for another day to be answered. At least did the Moon Bunny Coin Event provide me with high success rate Incredible Chaos Scrolls of Goodness. Because I usually need to stick around with 20% succession rate versions, every time I see a 50% or 60% from a coin event, I need to take that opportunity to my advantage.

Probably when the next Spell Trace Fever will happen, I'll try to finish scrolling my Amaterasu's Glove, which thankfully, does not require any expensive scrolls and can be entirely upgraded through the use of Spell Traces.

Perhaps something totally random and unrelated to this blogpost, a.k.a. Monster Life, but geez: that is a lot of fish. And yes I know this isn't the best Warus Production value. I prefer to have a higher Warus Storage capacity because even if I play EMS that often I don't have my eyes glued on Monster Life. It's a fun side project but it's not a priority to me at all.

For the time being, I'm not expecting any other major blogposts soon - perhaps if I get my hands on that Self Sharp Eyes Nebulite I might write another upgrade-related blogpost. I still haven't found time to start my Blaster because of the Haste event, and soon with the 5th Job Preparation events coming, I might have to park the class once more. Blaster's Skill Link is definitely useful, however, in comparison to something as grand as the 5th Job Preparation event that can save months worth of grinding, there's no comparison. Permanent content can wait. Events however, cannot.

Well, who knows, there's still some ongoing almost-never-ending RNG fest going on such as my Inner Ability and Black Cubing my Amaterasu's Gloves, where the desired outcome could be yesterday, next week, or after 2 years. Or never? Time will tell. I'll probably find something EMS related to write about, and in worst-case scenario, 5th Job is out within three weeks, because as you'd expect, that is definitely something I would write about.

That's it for now - I'll see you guys again next post!

P.S. Oh, before I forget! EMS is now available through Steam! The Steam page has been available to Europeans since the migration was finished but the region lock was lifted yesterday. I'll probably play Maple a lot through Steam from now on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[EMS] Dreadnought GET!

Hi guys! Very recently I've finally managed to unlock the Dreadnought Vessel for the Commerci Voyage system.

The Dreadnought is the final vessel to unlock and is objectively speaking the best to have out there. It has the most amount of cargo capacity (6 slots instead of 4) and the highest energy capacity. This means that Dreadnought can make the most profit out of all three Vessel types and it also allows the player to do more daily Commerci runs with 20 additional energy units on top of the default 100.

While I wouldn't care a lot about the increased cargo capacity, I'm sure that gaining more Denaro per run is a nice thing to have anyway. I don't have use for Denaro myself, except for upgrading Vessels and buying permits (which for both I am done now), but I'm sure I'll come across a moment in time where my stash of Denaro would come in handy.

The main draw to me for using the Dreadnought is the twenty points of extra energy. This means I can run four (!) Lith Harbor voyages a day. This is such a gamebreaking opportunity because having four Lith Harbor's gives you so many chances to get fantastic loot. On average, the amount of (Chaos) Cubic Blades and precrafted Cubes I find per day has been increased by one each!

With the original Commerci system, you could only run three Lith Harbor's with a Dreadnought and only two with a Cargo Skiff or Sailboat. However, GMS has revamped Commerci so that the higher difficulties consume less energy a day and that the required Vessel Experience is about halved from the original rates. This is a very good change because I'm sure that not everybody wants to do daily Commerci for half a year in order to get to a Dreadnought. Oh, and the fact that Livyatan and the Coral Reef Runner doesn't cover up your screen anymore because they are placed behind the boat instead is also a lot more convenient.

However, because the migration came with this revamp after the day I almost got to Level 9, you can see in the image above how much Experience was wasted. It is hilarious to see that Experience literally go outside the user interface, though.

While I find it a shame that I wasn't able to get to experience Dreadnought before the revamp (which was actually near to impossible for anyone in Europe), it's been for the best to have this revamp as soon as possible. At least I got to enjoy three Lith Harbor voyages with my Sailboat, something which was definitely not possible before. And the rewards have been so much better in the past week because I got to do way more of the good stuff!

That's it for now - I'll see you guys again next post!